The boys were so glad to get outside when spring finally arrived. JAC is 4 years old and Benjamin is 21 months. Both boys love helping with the yard. Ben of course is continuing his love affair with all things dirty and yucky only this year Mommy actually lets him loose to eat shovels full of dirt and stomp in mud and collect all the rocks he can from the flower bed. The rest of us keep Dirt Boy at arms distance.....


Benjamin is Daddy's new little helper.     Wouldn't Grandma and Grandpa Dayton be proud?



It's not that we take less pictures of Benjamin, it's just that he moves SO quickly we end up with lots of photographs of the ground where he WAS standing. 

JAC loves to clean, inside and out. He also still loves to water the flowers, trees, anything really. We have had to explain to him that turning the hose on Benjamin will not make him grow fast and big like the flowers.

Ben is thinking of all the nice mud JAC is making....


Ben can't help himself. He had to get between the hose spray and the plants. JAC knew a slight tilt of the nozzle and he could water the new flowers AND Ben all at the same time. We are thinking of putting in an outdoor shower with hot water!

More Fun in the back yard August 2005